Greeks in Australia

It is well known that you could come across Greeks even in the most unlikely of places and in any corner of the world. Australia is definitely no exception to this. In fact, Australia has a strong Greek heritage and a thriving Greek community. The Australian Government’s migration schemes targeted Greeks back in the 1950’s & 1960’s post World War II. As a result, there are over 100,000 Greek-born migrants and more than 360,000 people with Greek ancestry currently living in Australia. In total, it is estimated that the Greek community exceeds a staggering 600,000 people.

Over half of those people with Greek ancestry live in Melbourne and a third in Sydney. Melbourne in particular, has the largest Greek population outside of Europe and the biggest Greek population in the world after Athens & Thessaloniki. Melbourne is also sister city to Thessaloniki!

Greek Australians have become established members of Australian society and have had a major influence on the development of many Australian industries such as the food and wine service, construction, real estate and tourism. Greek Australians also maintain a strong cultural and religious identity whilst playing a prominent part in Australian mainstream society in areas including politics, the arts, education, business and sport.

In Melbourne there are many neighbourhoods with very strong Greek influences. You will often come across Greek restaurants, cafes, shops and banks; community groups representing almost every region in Greece; Greek radio stations and newspapers. There are many Greek events such as the annual Antipodes Festival. This is a celebration of Greek culture that attracts thousands of people to the two-day street party in the heart of Melbourne. Local artists perform at the event, and popular musicians from Greece are also brought in each year to perform.

All the above will make you feel like you are at home!!

Even with Greece being thousands of miles away, its rich culture is very much alive in Australia!

The Let’s Go Study team are proud members of this thriving Greek community. As sons and daughters of immigrants, we understand how difficult it is to move abroad. However we are here to assist you in every way possible. Our support networks and strong links to all facets of the Greek community will help make your transition as smooth as possible, allowing you to study, live and work in Australia.